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Friday, 9 June 2017

5 Tips For A Smooth Transition From Cot To Bed

So, around two weeks ago now we decided to take Darcy's cot sides down and turn it in to a 'big girl bed'. This was something that Darcy was certainly ready for but me?...No not so much ha! This sounds terrible but I thought she would totally abuse the being able to get out of bed thing and be in our room constantly but actually that was a really stupid thought that really didn't need to cross my mind at all.
From the moment she first saw her bed she loved it, I bought her a duvet and cover so it felt very grown up and she is at the age where she likes to feel very independent so at this stage I was just like oh okay what was all the worrying about.

Anyway, first night in her bed and I was very nervous ha ha, and as to be expected Darcy got in to bed and around 10 minutes later I heard her door creaking and opening, she was running around upstairs for around an hour and a half which felt like a lifetime but like I said as to be expected. We've only had one night since then where she has been up and down and this has purely been down to perhaps having too late of a nap in the afternoon.
I thought I'd put together a few tips if you're thinking about making the transition from a cot to a bed.

1. Get her excited about it buy a few books.
If you feel like it possibly could be a challenge, why don't you leave it and put it off a little longer and instead buy a few books and prepare him/her properly. There are so many books out there a few I will link here.

2. Buy a new duvet or let the child choose so its all exciting.
If its for you why not make it a big thing and let him/her choose a new duvet cover as this can be really exciting for them. Especially character duvets as I have learnt!

3. Gro clock so they know when time to get up.
I haven't got one of these personally so don't know if they're amazing, however I am certainly thinking about buying one. From what I gather I assume that you set the time and it helps them understand when it's okay to wake up. I suppose it's like anything, it will work for some and not for others.

4. Make sure they're ready.
I think this is an obvious one but just make sure they're at the right age and would deal with the change well and just simple making sure they're ready.

5. Stick to routine
This is one we did, and couldn't recommend you did more. The change of a different bed can be a big thing so sticking to the same routine is only a good thing. I think without sticking to the same routine the transition wouldn't go quite as smoothly.

Was there anything you did that helped the transition go along easily?
Thanks for reading

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